Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Of windmills and cows

It's been over a week since the kids left and Rick and I have been on our own. A few things about that. I have at times been very lonely for them. Turning to one of them to make an observation, or a joke, or to share a thought. Not having them here is much like not having them in Rapid City. So many important, exciting, fun things happening, life happening all the while we are not together. Each of us is in this new and different place in our lives. And here am I, mom, wife, priest, trying to make sense of it (knowing there is not much sense to be made of it) but also knowing the most important parts are in the moments, the present, not the future or the past. It's hard. That is all. 

Rick and I saw a lot of London. Eucharist and Evensong at Westminster are the highlights for me, followed closely by Spamalot at the theater. We wandered around quite a bit, wandered into the Pride Parade near Picadilly Circus! With more than a week in London, we had the luxury of relaxing, imagine that. It was hard for me, imagine that! 

You're not supposed to take pictures inside Westminster, so this is a clandestine photo just before Evensong began.

And then there is meeting friends in London!
This is Christina O'Hara, a priest in Sioux Falls, and her husband.

In front of Wippell's, a vestment maker, just to say I was there.

So, people are pretty much the same all over, you treat them with respect and dignity and mercy and compassion, and they smile. 

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