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7 Easter Yr A May 28 2017

7 Easter Yr A May 28 2017 Audio

You all know I come from good Norwegian stock. One of the things that constitute us as a people is that we must eat, not necessarily like, but at least eat, lutefisk and lefse. Well, one of the other popular family reunion foods, a bit lesser know is glorified rice. I don’t know why rice has to be glorified, I like rice just the way it is, just as I prefer my torsk grilled rather than in soaked in lye, but who am I to question tradition?

I bring up this little conversation about Norwegian food, which is all white by the way, because glorified rice just really isn’t. At it’s core it really is just white rice, with cream and sugar added to make it something other than rice. So calling it glorified really just confuses me. And here’s the connection to today’s readings, the glory we read about in today’s readings needs not be so confusing. Making glorified rice is making rice into something it really isn’t; the father glorifying the Son so that the Son may gl…

6 Easter Yr A May 21 2017

6 Easter Yr A May 21 2017 Audio
Rick and I were married 33 years ago this November. If your math is as good as mine, that makes it 1984. We met through YMCA camp, I was the waterfront director and he was a camp counselor. But the point of this is baseball. When Rick and I met and were dating, we went to the Metrodome for Twins baseball. Now, in those days, I rolled my eyes at baseball, boring! And actually fell asleep during baseball games. But I went, because he seemed to enjoy it and I loved him. We got married, and had kids, and brought our kids to the Metrodome for Twins baseball. As long as the kids could walk under the turnstile, they were free, we packed our own hotdogs in our picnic basket, and got to the dome early so we could sit way down in front, or on the third base line to watch batting practice. Before the game began, we'd move up into the nosebleed section into our own seats. I grew to love baseball, our kids love Twins baseball, and we go whenever we can, even to …

5 Easter Yr A May 14 2017

5 Easter Yr A May 14 2017 Audio

The words that open this chapter of John’s gospel are words of comfort and hope. Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled, believe in God, believe also in me.” As Jesus’ suffering, death, resurrection and ascension approach in this gospel, Jesus is giving his followers, including us, words of truth, good words to hang on to. Again, our lectionary is disjointed. In the season of resurrection, in the season of Easter, we find ourselves returning to a time when Jesus was teaching his disciples. But what Jesus is teaching his disciples is all about the promise of resurrection, it is all about life filled with God’s love, God’s abundance.
This gospel of John continues to show us what it means to live as Easter people. This is a story that shows us what John's understanding of eternal life looks like. Eternal life, the life that Jesus promises, the life that Jesus inaugurates with resurrection. We are Easter people, we are love carriers. And this st…

4 Easter Yr A May 7 2017

4 Easter Yr A May 7 2017 Audio
I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. During the 50 days of Easter, we read the stories about Jesus appearing to his friends, after Jesus has been resurrected. But today we go back. We go back to this story about the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd story follows right after Jesus heals the blind man. On the 4th Sunday of Easter each year, the Good Shepherd story is interjected into the series of stories of Jesus’ appearance after the resurrection. It’s a good story to hear each year at this time, because it is important for us to hear about what it is that God accomplishes in Jesus in the resurrection. And resurrection has everything to do with abundant life, the abundant new life that the blind man receives as he is healed, the abundant life the sheep have as they respond to the shepherd’s voice, and the abundant life that Jesus invites us into.
Jesus stands at the gate and invites. Jesus stands at the gate and says everyone may enter h…