Monday, June 24, 2013

Saying goodbye and going out on our own

The kids only were an afternoon in Bergen, they were up early to catch their plane home the next morning. Not even enough time to get any pictures together. Rick and I had three full days in Bergen, and we saw a lot. I'm amazed at the castle and Rosencrantz tower.

Were these guys really throwing boiling oil!

We went to church at the Cathedral, and had the wonderful opportunity to witness a baptism.

Look at where the pulpit is!

And this one just because it's so cool.

And then, on to London. After getting to the airport in a downpour (we were soaked), the airport was packed, and we were glad we were there early. That soon passed, as our plane was four hours late, which means we got into London at 1am, which means we had to take a taxi to the hotel, and so on and so on. We did surprisingly well, going on exhaustion and dampness and hunger (although we did get fed on the plane.) We have no control over these things, so the best we can do is respond with patience, and grace. We are learning!

So, our first day in London we took the tube to Wimbledon and watched the commotion and the people. 

... and some other things.

Off to St. Paul's Cathedral tomorrow.

I miss the kids, that was so much fun. And, I'm finding that the closed spaces are making me a bit claustrophobic. Who knew I would long for the plains of South Dakota! 

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