Monday, June 1, 2009

Willie's Graduation Talk

From then until now has been quite the journey. I feel accomplished and thankful. But, mom keeps on reminding me that the pomp and circumstance music are not actually for me, nor my class, its all about her. That is true for all ceremonies, but especially graduation. The pictures taken as I walk across the stage are not for me, but for the walls and desks of my family. Moms need the ceremony to put a cap on the top of high school and have something to aid in the reminiscing for the coming years. But for the graduates it is different. It is the end to one step and just the beginning of a huge leap. Graduates have experiences in school and out to reminisce about.

Coming from Minnesota to Texas, back to Minnesota, I had huge doubts about South Dakota. It’s definitely different here. The whole place has a different feel. I was here previously, but that was just camping. Living somewhere and just visiting sheds different light on the way we perceive the environment we find ourselves in. The hills and ridges definitely put Rapid City into a different category than everywhere else. But all in all I have grown to love it here now, mostly because of the people and particularly the people here at St. Andrew’s. I want everyone to know that I greatly appreciate everything that the people here have done for me. From Obie taking me out for the day, Spew at our youth lock-ins, memories have been made and you have helped shape me into the person I am today. As I leave for college in the fall I will take St. Andrew’s with me and will never forget the people here. Don’t worry mom and dad, and everybody else I guess, I will come back to visit. Honestly, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of my life, you have formed me into the graduate I am today and I will always carry something of everybody with me.

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